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One Year Anniversary of the Instructables Chatroom. (Be-lated of course :P) Answered

Well, I was trying to remind myself to post a topic about the one year anniversary of the -ibles chatroom, and, I just remembered, a little late..
March 9th of last year, the Instructables Robot published a forum topic, debuting the new chatroom for the website. It was a great hit with the community, and made the interaction with other members more 'fun', for lack of a better term. Although, a few of us know that it kinda went downhill for a while, so bad infact, that Moderators were assigned, and rules were set. Since then, we've had a few mix-ups, and whoopses..

Anyway, how about an anniversary party for the chatroom?
Any ideas?
Could we establish a date for such an occasion?

Regular Chatroom Link
The Uber Chatroom Link

I pardon myself for forgetting to remember the date sooner.. :/


weekends are good.

Try and have it earlyish evening, so that i have my wits about me. Infact, its probs best we discuss times in the chatroom, as my weekend is rather busy, luckly i can just not sleep, if the party starts at say 11 my time, or something along those lines.

I was thinking kinda a whole day.. Not just a specific time of day. :D


9 years ago

not this monday im on my way to cuba we should have one TOMOROW W()()T

I was thinking end of next week or something..

imma gunna be in cuba :(

woot, im in

Friday sounds nice, not like anyone has a hot date or anything ; ]