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One of the dumbest things a company could ever do.... Answered

Ok, picture the scene, you use your own laptop for work, and after some time, decide you need a better job, and so start looking. Some people find out you are looking and your company TAKES (pilfers, steals, lifts....) your laptop and erases the HD !

WOW, did they ever pay for THAT little blunder.....

go here for the FULL story...


I can assure you, my former employer (a pseudo-Christian University) would've done that to me, given the opportunity. It was that unethical type of behavior that inspired me to jump ship!

It seems like the number of such places grows exponentially with the smaller rate of growth of ethical places to work *sigh*

The "openly" unethical companies (big tobacco, arms exporters, and sweatshops) are bad enough. But what gets me is the unethical hypocrites! They take a moral stand when it's convenient, and then sweep their own mis-behavior (dishonest, illegal, immoral) under the rug!

Yes, and is only seems to be getting worse (some of us kind of expect that anyways ;-) despite our best efforts to make it otherwise.

and one last comment on this....unlike SO many others, I am sure you agree that, even though we don't expect to see much or any improvement, that does NOT make less our responsibility to keep making improvements.

Definitely. We are responsible for our own actions. We can't MAKE others behave, but we still have a responsibility to "Do unto others". If we actually make a difference, that's an extra bonus.


9 years ago

Wow, some people...

Isn't it amazing how convoluted some people are?

I guess that they just wanted revenge or something.

Yes, but revenge is a weapon that can easily bite the hand of the user. :-)

Another of the dumbest things a company could do. My sources told me they were "disposing of" some non-returnable pallets by burning them.


what did they do? Burn them INSIDE? (I could see the video, but couldn't get any sound, if there was any sound, from work here.....)

The sound was just David Gray, I'm not sure what they did, but they burned the whole place down (accidentally) L

Sounded like Moby to me.

Oh bugger yes - why did I get them mixed up? L

He didn't seem too unhappy about it in the last frame :-) Amazing the things people do (I shouldn't talk...I've had my moments too LOL)


9 years ago

that is horrid, no wonder the person was looking for a new job...

Yes, and in the distant past, I worked for people like this too. But that is another story ;-)

ouch, i feel kinda sad for you...

Ah well, there are really more out there very similar to this, then there aren't ....sadly. I remember one place that was so bad (I won't bore you with the details) that I asked them how I could get my vacation at another time other then the July 4th week (they closed then, and you had to take your vacation at that time...until you were there for more then 5 years....then you would get more days to take at other times of the year....blech)....anyway, they said I would have to quite, and then I would be on vacation, and the week would get paid.....I told him...."then I quit, bye." There are a million of em out there

nice way off sticking it to the (wo)man

It wasn't a very healthy place to work anyways....paint thinner fumes (acetone to zylol) in the air all the time. Not good....

ha, that explains alot... i mean what lovely wheater we are having :)

Hey I don't have any residual . . Ooo, look at all the pretty colors !!! ;-)

I see.... i sometimes have my moments too, but my only excuse is jumping off a 15 ft banister

Well, as long as you land only feet down, you might not get overly tall, but at least you will save your head ;-)

welllll....all i have to say is that it was an interesting way to fall....

oh, i was 7 at the time...

You found the experience...interesting? I bet that is an afterthought LOL and not something you were thinking at the time of the fall :-)

well, when i hurt myself it takes a while for the pain to register..i usually laugh and then i have a sudden realization about 5 minutes later and oh do the obscenities fly...

Oh, I have been there too from time to time.....for me, it is normally because the injury is severe enough to cause some shock to the system that blocks the pain for a bit....the one time I drove the blade of a large thick flat blade screw driver into the palm of my hand...a little over an iinch of it (at an angle thankfully) and I just looked down at my hand and said: Oh excrement (substituted expletive ;-)

Then I pulled it out, and scrubbed it out with a toothbrush and some rubbing alcohol we had.....the Doc even said I did a REAL good job of cleaning the grease out of the wound :-)

I would sue for double the price of the laptop.

Yeah, and when I replied to you, I had forgotten that it was millions and not just thousands....my post below :-)

Ah yes, it was millions (not thousands) wasn't it.....I had to go back and look again....this not being online much is getting to me LOL

Well, he got a bit more then that I believe....., unless his laptop cost him $6.500 + :-)