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One small sad note over the holidays (updated) Answered

And I CERTAINLY don't want to bring anyone down, but we did have a small loss over the holidays.  On December 26th, at about 2:30 am (just after midnight of the 25th) our one guinea pig, Shamrock, started to have troubles breathing.  He "breathed his last" as we kept him company, so he did not die alone.  And his companion, Maura was by his side also, looking quite concerned over what was happening. 

Respiratory ailments would be the worst for me; I would hate to have emphysema for years, etc.  Thankfully, he seemed to go fairly quickly (in a few hours) and did not suffer long.

He WAS a fairly well aged Cavy, being about 2-3 years old when my wife and I rescued him from the local shelter.   He had a deformed foot that never seemed to bother him at all.  He got around famously despite this.

We miss him already.


It appears as though his respiratory problems were due to congestive heart failure. 


Aww that's sad. It's never nice when loved pet dies, I hope he's in a nice place.

He was buried where we have the others that have passed in the past 19 years or so. Our Vet has a spot on her land where she has kept them all together.

Wow that's really considerate, sadly all the vetiranary clinics in Canberra spend more time counting money than looking after animals.

She is a wonderful person that just loves all animals, really.  The one we had pass before the current one (and we always have more then one at a time, since they are such social animals),  did so during an operation.  She did not charge us for that operation,  since the animal never came out of anesthesia.  
She's quite amazing really.

It does sound like it, some times I wonder about people in certain professions but it always touches the heart to hear of a person like her.

It's actually so sad that there are so few like her, because she has the burden of SOOOO many on her shoulders.....there have been times when she is at the clinic til 2 or 3 am operating, etc. Hardly ever a day off....

Wow, she must really really love animals. You're lucky to have found one like her, just send her a small thank you card and a box of chocolates and that would deffinitely make her week.

We do,  she gets goodies now and then which she shares with the staff that assist her.  We are fairly close friends, really.

I used to be a kind of friend with my dentist, because he lived really close and had a really nice dog that he'd let me play with and take for walks.

Well, my dentist, although not really friends with me, she is a very nice person, and virtually pain-free as a dentist (even when giving one of those blinking Novocaine shots into the roof of my mouth, I rarely feel anything but a little pressure).

Is novocaine a general anaesthetic? The dentists over here generally use lignocaine.

I found this:   a local anesthetic ("novocaine" or, more accurately, usually lidocaine)

So, it is considered a LOCAL anesthetic, rather then a general one.

Which is exactly what I meant because I got my words mixed up. Thanks for clearing that!

Your guinea pig sounds like it was a lovely pet, and I am sorry to hear that he has gone. 

With your constant admiration for the species, I might just have to get one...  

They are not "easy" to keep...so be forwarned....most of the current ones come from the LAB, and have latent things programmed into their genes...so you may have one die early from anything between epilepsy to cancer....but then, maybe not......One thing though,  if you are getting one, it is best to have 2 (two females, or two males, or one of each if one is neutered) since they are VERY social animal they tend to get a little freaky when by themselves...you've seen my ible on the subject, I presume :-) 

That's sad. I had many loved pets and a few family members day, but during the holidays is the worst time. I had a cat die day after Christmas, and sadly, my Grandmother day before Christmas.
I'm sorry for your lost. I hope he's happy now.

Thank you.  He is no longer struggling to breath, and for that I am thankful.


I appreciate the thought.  He was one of our dearest cavies really.


8 years ago


At least he's not in pain anymore

Yes, although we are not sure how much pain he had, he WAS suffering, as it was hard for him to breath......and that has to be VERY scary for an animal.....it scares the bajeebies out of me, I know.

 Yeah,  that would be terrifying! Not being able to breathe would be one of the scariest things for me.

Aww :( 

Thanks, we are glad though he is no longer having to struggle to breath.
Thanks,  he was a real  sweety too. A real trouper. 
It was sad, but he did not suffer long, thankfully.

His cage mate is finally adjusting to life with the other 2 females :-) 
He had been with us for about 3 years, which would have made him at least 5 years old, and possibly closer to 6.