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One way air-valve for camping mattress? Answered

My mother's air bed (camping mattress) has a patched hole in it but it still leaks air. I want to hook up a tube from the mattress to the pump so when she needs more air, she just needs to turn the pump on. However, when she lies on the mattress, the air will reverse out the tube and into the fan-operated pump (the pump circulates air using a fan and has a deflating function). I want to make a one-way air valve so it can't do that. Thing is, I do not know how to make one. Any suggestions?


MOST air beds are rubberised fabric. Continuous folding will cause the rubber to crack and leak. Better to roll them up but they don't last forever. better get used to using a ground mat rather then a full air mattress.

You can make a one way valve with a ball bearing BUT it will more than likely still leak.



7 years ago

Look on the inside of a vacuum packed coffee bag, there is a nylon one-way valve used to remove the air from the bag and they may be found in other vacuum packed items as well.
I have used them to make water dispensers from the large plastic detergent jugs to allow in air and still have a spill proof jug without having to remove the cap to let air enter.

I think you just need a new air bed. Even if you made a one way valve, if the fan is not powerful enough it wont inflate the bed with her on it anyways.