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Online Places to get Electronic Componenets Answered

Hi, I need to know a big fat list of online places to get electronic components, if you know of some then here is the place to post them!!!


bit off topic, anywhere but ebay for several kv capacitors?

just search, if you want doornob, just say doornob. HV ceramic ones are cheap

I think you have misinterpreted, he started a list: Electronics Goldmine (comment afterwards) Mouser (3 lines of comment on Mouser) eBay (no comment) If I am the one misunderstanding, let me know :-)

no, im asking an off topic question. im asking for a place besides ebay selling high voltage capacitors. most electronics sites dont sell them.

i need at least 2 kv. my parents are the ones with the credit cards, and they dont like ebay.

Well, as long as you are aware that, at those voltages you will be looking at capacitors that look somewhat like the pic (unless you are not in need of high farads, there are some ceramic disc caps in that range ):

A surplus shop online is here, but I am not familiar with them.

Vishay carries the disc type, but I am not sure if they sell to individuals or not

then there is Surplus sales in Nebraska

or, a place I AM familiar with: Digi-Key, they list some HV caps (search their site with 2kv capacitor).

I hope this helps.


i need 1500 pico-farads, but 8 kv. sounds like several in series.

The problem, as I am sure you realize, with very high voltages, is that it tends to "jump" gaps (a 1/4 " gap in a ceramic cap, is hardly anything for a few kilovolts of electricity).

yeah. you insulate the leads with silicone glue

I would have to see that work :-) Although I haven't really done anything with THAT voltage, I know 10kv will go through some hefty insulation (I held the wire, I know LOL).

ebays really the only place to get a reasonable (or even really cheap) price. Don't you like ordering off of ebay, I buy electronic gcomponents all the time there and never had a problem.


10 years ago

This is a FAQ. Search the forums for "goldmine" to find some other discussions on the same topic.

electronic goldmine - good for surplus electronics mouser - my favorite component website. Don't buy: connectors transformers, large capacitors, and other large items because they are over priced, otherwise pretty much everything else is dirt cheap. ebay