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Only US and Canadian residents Answered

Oh... that's bad ...



8 years ago

I love this contest!  Could never participate, as anything connected with needles and threads is alien to me.

A suggestion to the sponsor: If a non US/ Canada resident turns in a great instructable, please honor it accordingly, and send the money / value of the prize to the victims of the earthquake in Haiti!!!

Yes , I admission your comment . It's right

Yup only US and Canadian for the Critter Contest because of our partner, Lion Brand Yarn. A gift certificate won't do much good when you can't get it shipped to you.

How about I participate in the contest because it's fun, and then get an american friend to enjoy the gift ( but seeing the slideshows, i'm far from it !

Amungas. Since you are the founder (correct?) of instructables can you make knex a part of 'ibles. As a large fraction of people in 'ibles insist on making knex a larger part of ibles, i mean on the homepage.

kind reguards,
                         from a bad writer, knektek

You should look at the staff information (found at the bottom of every page at I'bles) to learn who is who.

Knex already has it's own separate category in the discussion forums, so I'm not entirely sure what you're complaining about.  The number of K'nex-related instructables is less than 10% of the total site (282 pages returned by a search vs. 2919 total pages), and probably much less, since any comment to an I'ble with the word "K'nex" in it will match, even if the I'ble is unrelated.

It may be less than 10% of all the total instructibles, but there are 16 categories. So if we assume that each 'ible is in only 1 category, then each category holds only 6.25% of all instructibles.

And K'nex is not a separate category for I'bles.

Exactly, there are 16 categories currently. Anyway, why is it such a big deal to have it added on? All you have to do is make a K'nex category, then put a link at the top. It's not like it'd take a major redesign of the website to do so.

"All you have to do is make a K'nex category, then put a link at the top."

Unless you are yourself a professional Website administrator, you don't have enough training to make such a claim.  I'm not a professional admin, but I can see enough to know that your statement is naive.
All of the categorization pull-down menus would have to be modified to include the new category.  The database needs to have it as an index key.  All of the existing K'nex-related I'bles would need to be found (even if they don't mention "K'nex" in their name, and a lot don't) and re-classified.

More to the point, as you should know if you've created an Instructable recently, or read the public announcement, Instructables is already in the process of deploying an entirely different classification system.  I suspect there will be a "K'nex" sub-category within "Play" in the new system, but I don't know that for sure.  You could find out for yourself by creating a new I'ble and seeing how you can classify it.

If the system is set up correctly, it should all be slaved to the database. You should then be able to make a K'nex category and get the community to tag it or something. But since they are bringing in a new classification system, there's no point arguing about it.

He is not the founder, he's the Content Manager.
KNEX is a minority interest in terms of the site as a whole, it's over-represented in commenting and Forum topics, which is why you perceive "a large fraction".