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Only in US ? Answered

If I win a "3323S Talent sewing machine" , what was happened my gift ? Is this SINGER also ?
- I am not in US -


Most towns/cities have a business that deals with this situation. The one we use is only 10 miles over the border in the US. This is a totally legitimate business with no legal issues etc. You provide their shipping address to the sender, you pick it up, and you declare the item, in this case a sewing machine, at the border. You would first want to check out where the item is considered made (US products have better rates), how much the item costs in the US and convert to Canadian. Then go to or phone Canada customs and ask them how much you would need to pay at the border. Don't forget to include the pst and gst.

I don't believe it is right to say "no international entries can win" as it is up to the entrant what to do with the prize. Your viewership is made up of people from many countries and built on the quality and number of Instructables you provide. By being treated in a lesser manner you would/couldbe insulting some viewers and thereby be decreasing your "inventory".

If the customs cost is too high then place an ad and sell it in the US. Whatever all entrants must be treated equally.

Well, you can either have it sent to a friend in the US or depending on where you live, there are mail couriers that give you an address in the US to their warehouse and then they deliver it to your home for a fee.

It's a good idea ! but I haven't a friend in US . Also I start this topic , only for improvement net contests ...


8 years ago

I agree

According to the Prize column on the left, they are both Singer machines... tough break. I can't wait until the world is just one Place :)