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Oodammo Pistol Contest Answered

This is the contest me and TD were/are organizing.


MeZak:4/5. Very, very quick.

OodAst3.6: 4/5. Not quite as quick as the MeZak, but it makes up for it in comfort.

TBOS: 1/5. Truly agonizing.

EAP: 3/5. Not bad. Tougher and more time consuming than the OodAst and MeZak, but much better than the TBOS.

STRUCTURAL INTEGRITY / DURABILITY                                                  

(Note, I'm rating according to how "Bendy" they feel.)

MeZak: 4/5. Really sturdy. Barely any bend.

OodAst: 4/5. Really sturdy, but again, just barely less sturdy than the MeZak. But not so much as to lower it a whole point.

TBOS: 2/5. Only 3 layers. Bendy, bendy, bendy.

EAP: 4/5. 5 layers, so it's obviously pretty good.


(The first range is with 2 #64's, the second is with the maximum amount. Measurement was averaged out of 5 shots. I used Google Earth, but I promise I didn't cheat.)

MeZak: 4/5. 39 feet. 63 feet. (Max. of 6 bands.)

OodAst. 3/5. 44 feet. 52 feet. (Max. of 4 bands.)

TBOS. 3/5. 41 feet. 41 feet. (Max. of 2 bands.)

EAP: 2.5/5. 37 feet. 37 feet. (Max. of 2 bands.)

FINAL SCORES                                                                                             

MeZak: 12/15. #1

OodAst: 11/15. #2

TBOS: 6/15. #4 Ouch

EAP: 9.5/15. #3

So, congrats MeZak, you win.

(Though, I'd like to point out, this is based pretty much entirely on performance, not personal opinion.)



Here's a face for ya, (_-,-_).


8 years ago

could you post the mezak? i wanna make it, but ki is down.....

i know, that comment was like 6 months ago....

Yes, that is the reason for the :3 face.

EES NOT POSSIBLE! Nah I'm just kidding.

No. I don't have that much patience. It'll be up soon.

If it's not up in a few days, maybe. MAYBE.

kk, rip it open! lolz!

lolz! is it worth building?


when ki is back up ill make it! p.s do you play halo?


Heh, we've been having back to back commenting in complete different topics for the past couple of minutes. =P

Oh yeah!!! *Goes off to comment on your first 'ible.*

i know, ive built it 3 days ago..... lolz!

=D thanks for my 1200th comment!

Heh heh. No prolemo. (sarcasm)

cool! on xbox? if so have you completed both?

No, its on PC.  Both of what?

I beat halo, but not halo 2, because for some reason it runs slow and it lags during important battle sequences.

kk, must be an error...... whats your fav mission on halo 1?

I think its a tie between level 1 and level 7.

cool! mine is assault on the control room

I find that level rather long, though there are ways to bypass some areas.

yep, its very long, true

Cool. No.