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Oodammo improvement Answered

I have a cool idea that parodies nerf and keeps you from losing oodammo at the same time!

Put a strip of velcro on the front of the rounds (the red bit that faces forward), and when fired, they should stick to your victim's shirt depending on their material.

You can easily tell if they have been hit or not with this, and it makes for easy recovery afterwards.


the true origin of oodammo.

I got bored, this is me merely trying to poke fun don't take this seriously

in the late 1500's a japenese scientist by the name of "oodamowa" created a new type of weapon known as oodammo. the japenese used this to repel their barbarian overlords from youtube. Oodammo was so instrumental in this victory that they took it and made their flag in its likeness. the secret of oodammo was then lost for just over 400 years, but was discovered again by a knexer known as oodalumps

Nice try... Too bad that site you tried to link me to was incorrect, and I never clicked it.

You DO know it's easy not to go to hidden links... right?
All you do is hover the mouse over the link, the URL shows up down on the bottom of your webpage.
Well, with Firefox or Internet Explorer it does...


8 years ago

I think double-sided tape would work better...

Double sided tape would only stick for so long....

Same with velcro, and the tape would stick to anything, unlike velcro.

But velcro lasts longer than tape.  MUCH longer.

Censorship sucks.

So, you pretty much turned oodammo into dart tag ammo. Brilliant.

8 years ago

 In theory this could work.... in reality, not so much.  Imagine cutting out 500 little strips of velcro and gluing them all onto each little piece of oodammo, not to mention the probability that they're fall off.

Plus they would lose their aerodynamic shape.

Not really.  It would fire the same.

Okay, we're both exaggerating, but in any case it will affect it's accuracy to some unknown degree because it would be imperfectly shaped.

Actually, who would use 500 pieces of oodammo at one time?  And you should be able to take the velcro off when you need the parts for something else.

I doubt it will work. If oodammo is stable only the front tip will hit you which for sure wouldn't be strong enough to hold up the entire piece of ammo. In the rare event that one side completely hits you it still probably wouldn't be strong enough. Even if it did stick it would probably fall right off after a little shaking. If you miss, you still lose ammo, if you hit someone you know where it is. There isn't too much point to it. Nice thought though.

I was thinking about putting the ammo in your pocket if you got hit.  I know you cant eliminate losing ammo with missing your target and stuff, but I tried to minimze the loss of ammo that keeps happening with wars.  It would be awesome for indoor wars though.


8 years ago

Okay. The only point I see to this would be so they might stick to peoples shirts. This would hopefully not be needed to determine whether or not someone has been hit or not, and the honor system is in my opinion far superior.

And as a reply to your 500 pieces of oodammo comment, they used ~1000 of them at Fall Ohio WARm-up.

The main point of sticking velcro to oodammo was to minimize lost oodammo. (not saying this is garunteed because you can still miss) Of course, this is a parody of nerf with their dart tag sets, so that system of telling if people are out or not is a secondary feature I thought of after I came up with the velcro idea.

Oh, ok. 

 good idea but would spend more money on velcro

I thought at first this was something along the lines of 'superoodammo', but it actually seems like quite a good idea.  I doubt it would work, but still a good idea.


8 years ago

this could be effective...


8 years ago

 Wouldn't stick to my head.

I'd figure that people would aim for your shirt and not your head.

 Guess not. Got hit in the head twice last war.

I'd figure it would be easier to hit somebody in the stomach than in the head.  Maybe wear a beanie?