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Oodammo rifle met magazijn?! Answered

''Mijn rifle''
Het is de Tr18 zonder turret.
Ik heb geprobeerd hier een magazijn op te zetten, maar ik faalde...
Nu is de vraag aan jullie: Kan iemand dat proberen?


dude, please change to ENGLISH

 It's posted in a Dutch group so don't nag dude


8 years ago

You're gonna have to switch to English, buddy. I'm too lazy to use a translator. =P

I bet HE is too lazy to use a translator too.

 Why can't you translate it Dj?

 I can google it for ya but Google translation.

Although I'm pretty sure he knows at least rudimentary English, he's posted comments in English.

this forum is posted on a dutch group so, yeah...


8 years ago


this forum is posted on a dutch group so, yeah...

 It's a Dutch Group if you don't like it don't look at it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ja, meer nederlands praten!

nederlands !! for the win
maar doe de volgende keer maar engels das b(eter

(for all the english guys and said he must do it english)

What's with all you dutch guys and K'nex? lol I always get this weird image of Goldmember playing with a k'nex gun or something. And he's more German than anything...

Uhhmmm Dutch is from Holland Dunkie German are our Neighbors
And Btw we Dutch ppl like making Knex guns
You American's like making real-weapons and war, and i prefer the first one.

i don't know but yes there are a lot of dutch people here
i think that i dutchj and viccie are the first three dutches are


8 years ago

Als je een echt antwoord wilt, zul je moeten typen dit in het Engels.
Lach hardop, vraag ik me af hoeveel mensen google vertaald ...

 Lol bad translator dude ,This is right:Als je een echt antwoord wilt,moet je dit in het Engels typen I think you mean with Lach hard op Lol?
It's just  Grappig or something Ik vraag me af hoeveel mensen met Google vertalen.

Is that dutch or german?

Seeing as this was posted in a group called "Holland" I'd say Dutch.


8 years ago

I'm sorry, i'll go on in english

I've built  the Tr18, but i didn't like the turret. So i thought and thought but i couldn't think of a good way to attach an oodammo mag to the body.

My question: Can You guys help me??

(p.s. i'm a noob, don't hate me)