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Open Software for Fashion Prototyping Answered

This has got to be the most exciting thing to come down wearable technology pike!

It's a FREE downloadable book about Arduino boards (both "standard" and LilyPad), conductive fabric, resistive thread, soft buttons, LEDs and more!!

The eBook is split into three parts covering the basics of hardware, software and the use of the Arduino IDE (Integrated Development Environment) in the first part.

Part two give examples of using eTextile materials and the Arduino to make first cool projects involving LEDs, Piezo speaker and, the Digital and analog zipper.

The third part is dedicated to show how to write programs for the Arduino platform. This all might sound very technical for fashion/clothing designer but dont be afraid, it's easily explained and covers just what's needed for wearable electronics (and not for building an new space station).

I cannot wait to get started with this eBook! Finally, all the mysteries I had to ask others to program for me, unravelled! pun intended

Download yours today. NOW! at Open Softwear


That IS really neat.

downloading now :-)

Cool stuff... On a creepy fashion note my general clothing has somehow become fashionable... Apart from the jeans, which are probably about 10% copper for structure now...

Wow. I'll have to wave that at my high school colleagues in September...

Definitely get the art and tech departments to have a look, a few of my friends projects would have went much smoother with this kind of resource available...