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Open Source DIY Smartphone Answered

Is it possible to design an open source smartphone, which everyone can build himself?
Please tell what you think about it and what ideas you have.



3 years ago

well, there are a few projects, open software and open hardware,

see http://www.maemo.org for data about maemo and the NokiaN900

see neo900 alternative mainboard for the N900 which is opensource (and open hardware) but that is not DIY at all.

see http://www.replicant.us for an initiative to make an opensource androïd system

see firefox OS for the mozilla initiative for an opensource mobile operating system that is well designed, the thing missing is an open hardware cell phone to go with it.

see all the Arduino/STM32 projects of cell phones (there are some on instructables) but those doesn't have the same kind of computing power as in the smartphones we see coming these days.

Hope I helped


3 years ago

Look up what they are doing with the Adafruit FONA.