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Open Source Hardware Design Project? Answered

I have designed and built 10 of these Urban Utility Transport scooters. So let's call them UUT's
Here is my website which was designed a few years ago. Needs updates. www.slida.orconhosting.net.nz

I have tried, with my limited financial resources, to market them but my problem is the high production costs and lack of finances.

So I have been thinking about giving the idea away for free as an open source hardware design. 
I am planning to start a community of people developing the idea and maintaining the design. 

My strengts are design and problem solving. I have improved the original prototypes so now the current design has got not many bugs or flaws. 

As I got the idea for my UUT from a design in Finland and they no patent either, the idea can not be patented. 
And since I have not benn able to commercialize my idea, I am keen to give it away as an open source design. How to go about it?



6 years ago

Instructables is all about open source design projects. Just choose a license that will keep it and any derivatives open-source. If the project is really good and the instructable is well written you could even get a return on the project in the form of winning a contest.


6 years ago

The product illustrated looks well made BUT - As far as here in the UK is concerned I doubt your going to sell many to adults (The apparent audience) - they have a similar look to a mobility device seen here like a zimmer frame on wheel and I don't think it's a look people would like.

IF you gave away a largish number to kids to get the design known on the street you may generate a demand but that's a risk and required investment.

Don't you have a Dragons den type TV program in NZ?

You may as well release the design under a open source license. Unless you think of a different use for them.


6 years ago

Post your designs online. Give them a suitable license -- ensures that the design stays open source, etc.

It would make a great instructable