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Open lid of metal box with an Arduino and xbee? Answered


I've been searching and searching the web for an example video or write up off how to make a metal box's lid open and close with a web app/phone app from a distance using xbee.

Does anyone know how to do it or know where I can find a good write up/example? (or any other more valid ideas on how to do it?)




5 years ago

frollard is right, Bluetooth is the way to go. THIS bluetooth module is cheap and very easy to use.

On the Android side check out the MIT App Inventor. It uses a simple "block" system for the programming (similar to Mindstorms, at least the old versions) that, with a little experimenting and a few help files, most anyone can use. Developing apps for iOS is much more of a pain, particularly with Bluetooth involved, or so I've heard.

Check out THIS and THIS project to see the App Inventor and the bluetooth module in action with Arduino. If you go down this path feel free to hit me up with your questions in a PM, the first project is mine and I wrote most of the Arduino code for the second.


Answer 5 years ago

Thank you both for your answer's. This definitely leads me in the right direction.


5 years ago

The first tripup is that your phone doesn't 'speak' xbee. You need a transmitter to be the same 'type' as the receiver (such as xbee in your question) attached to the phone. The only obvious one is bluetooth since most smartphones have bluetooth. (It can be done with wifi but then you need a webserver running in the arduino).

Software on phone >> Phone >> bluetooth >> bluetooth to TTL serial adapter >> arduino serial port >> AtMega >> servo output to open lid.

I have bought some on dealextreme for a few dollars 'bluetooth serial arduino' will find what you're looking for. Then the only hard part is getting software on the phone that outputs custom serial commands over bluetooth. (there are several for android)