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Open links in new tab checkbox not working Answered

I added a comment to the following post.
Then I realized that it is a year and a half old.   And it doesn't mention the checkbox.  I am guessing the checkbox was added since then and is now not working. And that this is a new bug.  As I said in my post, I set the checkboxes to "Open in New Tab".  Then I publish and the links open in the same tab.  Then I go in (several times) recheck the checkboxes, go back and verify that they are checked and republish.  They still open in the same tab and when I go back into edit mode, they are unchecked.  Is this a bug?  Or am I doing something wrong?  If I am, I would argue that the instructions for using this checkbox have a bug. Ergo, there is a bug. Don't you hate philosopher/engineers? Grin, that's me!


I can confirm that the checkbox is missing from both forum topic and instructable editors.

I can also confirm Downunder35m's issues with leaving comments - I have been getting the same "backend read error" as typically happens around midnight PST, but three or four hours later.

@Development Team - if the removal of the option to open links in a new tab is a deliberate decision, I think it's a bad one. IMO, "open in a new tab" should be the default setting, to prevent readers wandering off the site by following links.

i am able to confirm the existance of open in new tab checkbox in instructables editor, is yours completly gone? if so that is a issue of a different breed and deserves attention as well. issues can be reported to bugs@instructables.com for resolution.

Screen Shot 2015-07-06 at 2.13.01 PM.png

I just posted another Instructable and the links open in the same tab. It doesn't seem like any Instructable developers are reading this forum. HELLO, is there anyone out there? Or is this forum just here to fool us into thinking we are being heard?


Thank you for bringing this to our attention. The devs took a look and this is in fact a bug, and it is now officially written up on their "to fix" list. I sent you a private message with a little more info. Thanks again!

To your point, however, the link I've shared above does not open in a new tab, and I'm not seeing an option to do so currently.

There must be more going on as currently I have massive problems posting a reply.
Several times all I get is going back to the empty edit window - just as like reloading the page.