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Opening MAG screen for self repair it Answered

hello im having trouble opening the Mag screen I'm trying it for a while now ive uploaded some picture of it, my problem on it is that I have very bad connection to dvi connecter (when im moving the cable, pushing it in its working when I leave it it disappears) I took out 4 screws on the corners and as u see I tried to take out the lower part of the screen but it still doesn't open I only wish to repair the bad connection, any help will be appreciated thanks ahead mike



Is the hump or box surrounding the dvi/vga connector molded as one piece to the rest of the back? Try going around it with a utility knife to see if there is a gap you can get in to start feeling around for the tabs you have to press to release the shell. If not, on the bigger back panel, if you have all the visible screws taken out around the edges, go around the seam to see where the tabs are locking the panel in place. You might need a whole bunch of screwdrivers or wedges to keep the seam open as you go around probing and prying away the rest of the tabs. Use a flashlight to see if there is anything there. Don't get too hung up if you break a tab or two while trying to open it. Put masking tape around the whole thing if you are worried about scratches. Good luck.