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Opening a Compaq presario 1725 CRT? Answered

So I was looking around one day and found and old Compaq presaio CRT. I brought it home to take it apart for the flyback transformer inside.I found two screws on the side and unscrewed them. The monitor wouldnt open and I thought there may be more screws and took off the labels (to check for hidden screws) and couldn't find any .Prying the case open didn't work either. Has anyone Opened/fixed one and knows how to open it? Are there plastic tabs that lock the monitor together?



Best Answer 6 years ago

Is there an attached stand? It might also be holding things together.

Otherwise, if there is a join or seam right around the case, an inch or so back from the screen, then you're probably going to have to brute-force it with a flat screwdriver, as there may be tabs designed to lock shut when assembled, and never let go.

You're probably aware, but don't forget to be careful of shocks - the capacitors inside a CRT can store a surprising amount of charge for a surprising length of time.

So there WAS a plastic tab on the top holding the screen in place. When trying to pry the monitor open, the tab broke and the screen came out. Thanks to all that helped!

Yes, there is a stand on the monitor, I took it off but there were no screws that are under the stand. I tryed to pry the thing open with a flathead screw driver and a crowbar , but with no luck.

Yes, thanks for the warning, I wear gloves when I open it and discharge the capacitors so it should be safe :)


I don't open CRTs... no matter what is inside. It's probably got tabs on the inside to hold it closed so little kids don't kill themselves. ;)

(Or at least so parents don't sue when little kids open them and get a jolt that scares them...)