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Opera browser assistance... oh please someone help. Answered

Does anyone here use Opera to view Instructables? I know this problem has to do with my web page settings, as viewing in fullscreen mode is fine. Anyone know how to solve this, as I would very much like to view groups etc once again.


do you have some custom stylesheet in the settings ? can you select any objects in the white space with the mouse ? try to block them with adblock firefox is good raft :) (but konqueror is better one)

Nope no custom settings... I think it is definatley a width issue with my widescreen monitor.


9 years ago

Well, this is always the first step..

I'm not even going to click on that link.... Pffft!!! Already have it. Runs really slow on my comp. Opera is my only option. It runs twice as quick as FF on my comp.