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Opinion: in a postapocalyptic scenario, what kind of crazy weapon would you build? Answered

Sketches would be quite handy.

 I am planning on using your ideas as weapons for characters in a film project.

Thanks in advance



7 years ago

Oh! What if it was a katana from an old torn up antiques store!

"I don't know what kind of weapons World War 3 will be fought with, but I do know that World War 4 will be fought with sticks."

A. Einstein Esq.

Well said my good man ;)

good ideas might come from the movie road warrior. As for basic ideas that come to my mind. maybe a sling, sharp stick, bat, pipe, long chain.... as for cool items that come to my mind. a cross bow made from truck leaf springs, orrrr a club/bat with 20 spikes going through it... or the good ole barbed wire bat. maybe a blade that comes out of the toe of a boot, ohh and also molotovs