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Okay I need your guy's help, my upgrade for my cell phone is coming up in like a month and I'm stuck between these two phones, so comment and tell me which one you like best.





8 years ago

I would have no idea, I've never had a phone =P

i just wanna know what is you opinion about which one looks better

lol i cant because pics wont show up lol

Post them in a comment

Oke hers some pics of each of them

Motorola CLIQ_FrontOpen-thumb-550x424-24368.jpg250x270_1.png

You should only need to have 1 glance at both phones to know the Motorola pwns the samsung. 

ya it pwns with its looks but now in its performance so that phone is out of the picture and i already know which phone im getting

Performance wise the Motorola alsp pwns the samsung.  The motorola is running Android, while the Samsung has some weird OS.  The Moto has a full keyboard while the samsung has a 1-9 dial pad.

actually my dad told me some of his friends had it and it froze all the time and didnt work too god and plus the samsung also has a full keyboard and the phone im gonna get is just touch screen no full keyboard

Id have to take the one with the slide on the left =)

they both have slide out keyboards

Yeah but the one on the left has a sweet design.

 Get att and an iphone! LOL if not .... then... 
Get the cliq. 100000 times better than the gravity. Trust me, my friends got the cliq and its pretty dam sweet. Its a better all around fone and its well worth the money over buying the gravity.

8 years ago

Carefully consider, not only the "look" of the phone. Because, honestly, in the end it's not really all that important. Instead, consider the durability and the features that you will honestly use. In general, the more moving parts, bells, and whistles a phone has, the greater chance there is that one of those parts will fail.

Inspect the design of the phone. does the folding point wiggle in a direction it is not meant to be opened? If so, that's a possible failure point due to weak hinges.

Touch screens may look nice, but consider where you will take this thing and how you will transport it. It only takes one bang of a locker or a wrong collision with a door frame to crack a large screen.

These are all questions of quality and workmanship that I take into account before buying anything. As an engineer in training, I advise to carefully examine first the durability and workmanship, and then the "coolness" of the phone.

Just my two cents.

If i were you, i'd get the Samsung gravity.....
But im not you...... GET THAT ONE!

 Weel the design of the cliq is betgter but i would go for Samsung because of the good qaulity of the products they make.

neither t mobile stinks get verizon

ya totally ill call my dad now and tell him to get verizon and make him pay over $5,000 just to cancel his 2 year contract.

ooh sorry but if u didint need to get t mobile go with verizon

The Motorola.  Just from first glance it beats the other one.

Depends on what you use your phone for...and what plan you are on.  There is the $100 difference between the cost but are you on the data plan.

The slideout keyboard is great if you want to text.  The touchscreen is harder to use if you have big fingers.  Will the phone get knocked around much, you have to be more careful with the touchscreen.  If you want to get all the Android stuff, you have to pay more for the more featured phone.

I just like a simple phone.