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Optical Mouse Help! Answered

I need someone to explain a typical optical mouse circuit to me using diagrams and such. I could do it myself but I only have one optical mouse on me at the moment so Id have to go to the store to get a really cheap one. I'm on the verge of a kipkay quality instructable!


check out this optical mouse insight for better explanation of them - http://www.engineersgarage.com/insight/how-optical-mouse-works


10 years ago

Does my instructable Take Apart An Optical Mouse help any ?

They're pretty much "optical mouse chip" and some LEDs, connected to a USB cable... :-(

Thanks, It helped but for my instructable I'm going to have to use a travel size mouse.

Yeah that's what I've found. Generally one IC which acts as a reciever and an LED pointing into a lens which is reflected from a table or other surface. The one IC does the USB interface as well, so that's pretty much all you need. Try opening the optical mouse you have and looking up the datasheet for the chip you have in it, and see if it's available for purchase.