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Oreos Without Milk! Answered

This is just a quick question and possibly a suggestion too (I'm really bored because I'm waiting for these ISO's to finish downloading). Has anyone else tried Oreos with a drink other than milk? I just tried Oreos with Cran Apple juice, and I think it's better. Any other opinions? (Reminder: I'm very bored.)



9 years ago

Yea oreo's and apple juice and let me say it tasted good.

When I was on my school's Human Powered Vehicle team in undergrad, we would go through a few boxes of Oreos and a case of Dr. Pepper on our all-nighters. Very yummy. Not so healthy. Occasionally we would have a few of steaks to gnaw on. Eternally preserving small chunks of meat/fat in resin is also enjoyable. On a similar note: Do not attempt to prepare "heat-n-serv" garlic bread from the store in a 900 degree F annealing furnace. Using the Oxy-Ace torch is much more effective at melting the butter without burning the bread.

I like oreos with apple juice.

I just like oreos plain... With nothing else.

an oreo without milk is not a true oreo!

I drank diet soda with oreo once, the oreos kinda removed the flavor of the soda.I have also tried oreos with vanilla coffe, it was alright. My sister once told me she hated oreos, I was like "WTF!??? YOUR NOT HUMAN!!!!"

blasphemy. orange juice and oreos is quite good.... not sure why i tried it though...

I <3 the nilla wafers. My school used to give us nilla wafers and milk at our "field day". Why won't spell check learn nilla wafers is spelled correctly? obviously my computer has never had any.

Well maybe if I fed my comp some it would realize the error of his ways. I wonder if y moms willing to go to the grocery store at 1 in the morning......after all, its a nillemergency.

I'm sure it would work. My computer almost ate my finger when I was closing the CD drive after I burnt a CD for my dad. Then again it might have just hated the music...

I don't like oreos!

GASP!!!!!!!!!! Ask keith-kid about the gasping.

Apple cider. Hard apple cider. Sparkling non-alcoholic fruit cider. Accidentally fermented sparkling "non-alcoholic" fruit cider. Coffee. Flavored coffee. Water. Flavored water. Lava. Any tea but Earl Grey. SoBe. Red Bull. GoFast. Beer. Cake frosting. Soda. Need I go on?


Reply 10 years ago

Full days of school have ended. We just have half-days for two finals until Wednesday. Then I am finally finished! I think my brain has reached its saturation point of Cultural Studies and German. Tomorrow night is Algebra II and Chemistry. I am excited......

Well that's cool that you're almost done. I take Algebra II next year. I hope it's not too hard.

No, Algebra isn't very hard. Try to stay one step ahead of the course, studying the next day's section before you go over it in class.

Ok. Sounds simple enough. Algebra I and Geometry were simple because I had the same really easy teacher. I'll take your advice for next year. Thanks.

I hate you all. I still have 8 & 2/2 days left D: Then again, back in September I was lauding my not-yet-in-schoolness :D

When do you guys start school? It must be late if you end in the middle of June.

After labor day in September. Generally a Wednesday. 7 2/2 :D

After Labor Day! That's a rarity now that Colorado is starting the second week of freaking AUGUST, and the colleges are starting even earlier.

I tried mine with apple juice and blueberry jam.They both tasted good and I now have my Oreos with apple juice

That sounds pretty good. I'll try that I think.

. Oreos without milk?!?!? Who ever heard of such a thing? That's ... It's ... well, it's tantamount to sacrilege is what it is. Kids nowadays. sheesh

*from southpark* what's he doing? He's twisting an oreo... oh my gosh, he combining 2 doublestuff oreos into a quadruple stuff.

Ah, Cran Apple, which I like to call Crapple.... One of my favorite juices, though...

I take mine with soy milk. Chocolate soy milk is even better. :D They're good with coffee too.

I think that I'm beginning to come to a conclusion...

Oreos are pretty much always good. Anytime, Anywhere, and With Anything.

After a long day of studying for finals; comic relief like this is greatly appreciated. I have never had Oreos without milk. I think Oreos in coffee would be a great concoction.

It would be! Coffee is good. And you're still in school? In June?