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Origami Space Ship - Video evidence! Answered

It seems to be real!

There is video evidence on the BBC News site - wind-tunnel tests of a folded paper aeroplane up to Mach 7!

All we need now is the plan to fold our own...

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Mainichi Daily News Article

Unrelated article about boomerangs in space


I don't really understand why they would use paper for future space craft. It could be cheaper, but I would rather go up in a metal craft then a paper one. If it were used for non-human practices, then it would probably be practical, but it doesn't look very accurate. And wouldn't throwing a paper airplane in space be kinda dangerous? What would happen if it hit someone (no matter how astronomical the odds are).

The idea is to make small, very light vehicles to drop to Earth from space, carrying one of the new generation of tiny sensors. They measure... something on the way down and are then collected and the data harvested.


10 years ago

Unralated article about boomerangs in space

Is that a misspelling I see?!? Why, I believe it is!

Really though, who would of thought that paper could be so tough?

I do believe you are mistaked...

Wow! Mach 7!!!!! Enlighten us with you folding ways.

I heard about this, I think. There are some people trying to develop paper planes for outer space. (I can't check out the link right now, I am at school. When I get home though, I will definitely try to remember).

I thought I saw it in the yahoo home page when I got on the internet a few days ago/weeks.