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Other Great DIY Forums??? Answered

Dear DIY Fans of the instructables Community,

I discovery this Forum early 2016 and I have posted 3 DIY Projects so far. I have never gotten so much positive feedback upon my DIY stuff anywhere in the internet. 
I have a recently finished a huge Project about a motorized "DIY Camera Slider" and I can`t wait to share it on this platform. But with my latest video I had to realise that some projects won`t get much attention, no matter how much time you spend producing it. 

I would really like to share it on various platforms or websites, and I hope some of you could drop a few DIY Forums here.
Everything from Facebook pages to DIY Websites, where you can post your stuff, would be very interesting for me.

Thank you very much in advance for your answer,
Rideable Entertainment



1 year ago

I would be interested in knowing this as well.

I thought pinterest is a social platform for pictures only. Can I post there DIY instructions as well?

You can only share stuff that you will made. I can get "pinned" quite a lot and can bring quite a bit of views to your I'ble.


2 years ago

I post on multiple sites. I always start with Instructables since I feel the layout and ease of use are top notch. From there, I post pictures and a very brief description of my the projects on forums with a link to the Instrucables in case someone wants more info. BTW, there is a forum for almost any topic you can imagine. For me, I post mostly on woodworking sites and the feedback is really constructive. Pinterest, Hometalk and WikiHow are few sites where you can get ideas and share your projects. If you don't mind harsh comments and middle school humor, Imgur and Reddit are good platforms.


Oh many Thanks, Buddy. I have absolutely no experiences with Reddit or Imgur, but I am going to check them out soon. I do pretty random stuff and I would really like to find more awesome Platforms like instructables. I feel like its worth the effort to make and present a project as good as you can, if you see that many people appreciate it.