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Other members cannot download .pdf of my Instructable Answered

I've gotten multiple messages from users who cannot download the .pdf of one of my Instructables. Could there be an issue with the site that could cause this to happen? Instructable link below.



I just read the comments on your I'ble myself. I'm not sure they are trying to download the "PDF version" of your I'ble. I think they believed you were supplying them with the PDF file you described in your Step 1 (that is, where you say "find an image on Google, enlarge it, then save it to a PDF yourself").

If you choose, you could take the file you yourself created for your project and upload it (as a PDF file) to your Image Library here on Instructables. You can then add that "image" (PDF file) to Step 1 of your I'ble. All users can download such an attached "image" for printing, without needing a paid membership.

Access to the PDFs are limited to paid ("PRO") memberships. If the users trying to download the PDFs don't have paid memberships (or haven't received a free one for creating a Featured I'ble), then they are limited to printing out the Web-formatted version.


I just tried and it and both versions of the PDF work for me. As kelseymh suggests, downloading PDF's is a paid, Pro feature of this site. All the members commenting on that project about not being able to download are non-Pro.