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Other ways to charge a Leydon Jar? Answered

I need to find a good easy working way to charge up a Leydon Jar with static electricity. I do not have (and cannot make) a van de graffe generator. I tried using my tv, but it doesn't work too well. Are there any other ways to charge a Leydon jar?



3 years ago

the way I've done it before is to ground the outside of the jar, rub PVC with fur, and touch it to the topload (is that what its called? I may be thinking Tesla coils...). Or if rubbing pipes aren't your thing, you could use the old TV as a static generator.


6 years ago

There ou have it. Of all Static generators beyond rubbing a balloon on your jumper the VDG generator is prob the easiest to build.

There are few ready made static generators around the house. If your TV isn't a glass tube model then it won't generate any charge.

Higgs Bosonrickharris

Answer 6 years ago

could you possibly use an ion generator? my idea is that you would put the jar in the stream of ions from the generator, so it would gain a charge, and discharge on other items.