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Our 2013 Halloween Contests are here! Answered

Hi everyone! I'm so excited to announce our 2013 Halloween Contests. :D
We have four categories this year - click through to find out more about each.

FOOD // for spooky foods, both savory and sweet

COSTUMES // complete costume builds including face painting and body painting

PROPS // for costume accesories, anything you'll take with you while in costume

DECORATIONS // for stationary objects used to decorate your home and yard
P.S. - We're changing it up a bit this year. Here are the most important things you need to know:
  1. Any Halloween themed project or costume posted November 8, 2012 and after is eligible to enter one of the contests.
  2. Each instructable you enter can only be placed in ONE of the contests, so choose the best category!
  3. The contests are open until November 11, 2013.


Hooray, I've been documenting the costume I'm making and even if its not even in contention to win against done of the totally epic costumes I've seen in the past, I'm just excited to show off! :-)


4 years ago

...this is what hooked me on Instructibles so many years ago.

It's always fun to see all the great ideas and incorporate them into my haunt!

Last year you had some overall best judges grand prize winners. At least I think you did. Do you have the same thing again this year? or are the prizes listed what you get with no hidden judges prizes?

Last year we just ended up building out another contest page to showcase the winners, but I think we'll avoid that this year. Instead, we're just going to keep everything within the initial pages.

No hidden prizes this year - everything you see is what we'll give away. :)

Here´s Johnny !!!