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The President Of the United States Is a Ninja Answered

This morning I awoke to find Our president strewn about the news in a rather comical way: He had nearly been assassinated by shoes (joke) and I took some video using the technique from my recent instructable and converted it into a gif if you are going to use this on anything please make sure I'm mentioned, it's just common courtesy XD



9 years ago

I know that a shoe manufacturer in Istanbul claimed the shoe :D Then a Iraq shoe company said they didn't make the shoe.Then everybody began talking about how good that action was :D

Impressive.... I heard that in Iraq people are being sent joke test messages asking people to remove their shoes for safety reasons.

He moved a little TOO quickly. I think he's on steroids!

I heard a guy threw a beer at Bill CLinton. He dodged it, because he thought it was a DRAFT! :-) BTW- Don't start whining about my mean-spiritedness. I am an equal opportunity offender.

. ROFL. That's one I've never heard before and I thought I had heard them all. . Just called my buddy Billy and he thinks it's hilarious, too.


9 years ago

Impressive skills from an otherwise unimpressive president. Well, on the positive side, he's going to have a giant collection of cheap shoes by the time his presidency is over.

chnique from my recent instructable and converted it into a gif if you are going to use this on anything please make sure I'm mentioned, it's just common courtesy XD

:) Did you mention it to CNN that you rip the footage and made a GIF file out of it? :(

How could he not be a ninja? He was able to invade a country by manipulating his own country into believing that there was a valid reason! That's some serious ninja skills.

we voted for it, and if we were invading a country XD they'd all be dead or captured

No, we never voted for it. Nor did Bush ever invoke the War Powers Act (i.e., asked Congress to declare war). He just asked Congress for the money and they gave it to him. Nobody ever asked "us."

> they gave it to him. Nobody ever asked "us."
. We elected they, so they is us.

As in "We have met the enemy..."? Thanks, Pogo. Show of hands if you've even heard of Pogo, let alone ever read it.

1) I'm impressed. Not sure I could have dodged either shot. 2) What took the Secret Service so long to react? 3) Great job with the GIF.

thank you, you're the first to comment on the gif, second NO IDEA and #1 me too!

Instead of giving sometimes medocre speechs, he should have just stood there and had people throw things at him to dodge. I'd pay to see 60 items in 60 seconds .

lol I'd like you to meet my Korean Assasin, "Random Task" When I was little I didn't get it, lol.

One of my teachers showed us that video this morning. Bush has totally amazing shoe dodging skillz.

My friend kept missing seeing the part where the guy threw the shoe so we had to watch it a couple of times XD

oh... well my teacher handed out snickers!!! but i didnt get one she only had 3 :(

its not like i refused it though...
yes very nom

My teacher handed out two quizzes!
:D ... : ) .... : | ... : ( ... :'(

I dont know if ninja is the right word...

Perhaps, he just has good depth perception and a decent reaction time..

im just glad he dodged it this situation wouldnt be as funny if his nose started to bleed

I was rather impressed with President Bush's reflexes.