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Our electronics are poisoning china Answered

Have a look at this. Many of thes US "Electronic Recycling" centers are actually illegaly sending the electronics to china. There they are melted down with no saftey procautions with things like acid. This is a big deal and something needs to be done. Here


yay, im that much closer to disowning my chinese heritage.........

Another reason to take apart you broken electronics and salvage what is left of them, then make devices out of them

That's why I like bulk waste day so many MOTs to be harvested. Unfortunateley I got interested in MOTs 2 days after bulk waste have to wait 6 moths...

Mr. Person: Oh darn, the television broke. Better throw it out Me: No! Give it to me and I shall turn it into a high voltage jacob's ladder! Mr. Person: Can you do that? Me: Yes! And, with the electron beam emiters I can conduct particle acceleration experiments! Mr. Person: Uhhh... What? Me: Just gimme.