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Our latest project Answered

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So I haven't posted anything in a long while, and, as well as work, one of the this was down to me and a few friends getting together and forming a YouTube channel called "MTNunlimited". It started out when we did drama at school (a subject which we no longer take) we had a tonne of ideas that we never got to use, and so we can now showcase them on the YouTube channel.
Recently, our local youth theatre announced it's closure this Easter, and so we've decided to offer some kind of alternative to anyone who wanted to join in with amateur film-making. Our goal is simply to have fun.
If you click onto our channel here, you'll see that we still have a long way to go before we're near the same calibre as a lot of current Internet filmmakers. This is why we have turned to the instructables community for support. We have a few ideas, but we would love to hear other people's thoughts on what we could possibly base a new video on. We'd also greatly appreciate any tips or tricks of the trade that we have not yet been enlightened on. Don’t consider this ‘spam’, as that’s very much the opposite of why I made this forum topic. I posted this to hear guidance and advice from people who have a bit more experience than us.
Here's a little montage I made of what we do, in the form of a cinematic trailer, enjoy! And once again, thanks for any support offered :)

- Lowney




7 years ago

Hey guys, we just posted another video, we're quite proud of it but please be critical about it on this forum! We really want to improve and any input is appreciated :)

Wait, you do realise this is a preview for the channel itself, and all the content in the trailer is published in a video? lol, for the jackass one the video is "Literal Song titles". The song in question was "Great Balls of Fire". Need I say more? XD

No offence, but the trailer reminded me of jackass. When the guy got his nuts kicked and head smashed in. Looks fun!

haha, that was from our "Literal Song Titles" video XD, it's on the channel actually :P


I'm trying to work out if he liked the trailer a lot or if he's just ridiculing me lol xD I hope it's the former :P