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Our pet dog gets up every 2 hours at night? Answered

What can I do to determine if my pet dog, 6 pounds, has a kidney infection?


I agree with the 2 answers before me. Our dog had the same issue and it turns out she was ((is) diabetic, lots of sugar in dog food....but a change to a special dog food and she is fine now...good luck and let us know how it goes!!!

My dog was having this problem, and she needed to be put on a special pet food. You need to take a urine sample to the vet. They will be able to help you.

Watch your dog and see if he is straining to urinate. If he is taking longer than usual and there is little to no urine coming out, there is an issue with his urinary tract that needs immediate attention. The longer bad bacteria sits in the kidneys, bladder, urethera, the larger the chance of developing scar tissue that can create kinks in the urethra and make infections common place, and urination difficult for the rest of their lives. If infections get to bad the dog may have to be put on special preventative food for the duration of their life, or as worst case scenario, be euthinized. The best thing is to get to your vet right away for antibiotics.