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Our puppy is losing a tooth. Do I pull it? Answered

It's a side tooth and handing on by the skin. Do we pull it or let it fall out? I tried to pull it a bit but it's not giving.?



Dogs constantly loose teeth as puppies- my 2 mutts lost teeth without us knowing. Don't pull it- it'll fall out, and later you'll probably find it on the floor. If your dog eats the tooth, he/she might start being aggressive or choking- bring him/her to the vet immediately.

well guardians answer is better than my idea. BUT. I was gonna say that dogs have been loosing teeth for how many hundreds of years? I'd say just treat him like normal and let him lose it.


Im going to point you to the discussion above but read on for my thought.

My best suggestion is to give the dog a rope toy which is likely to knock it loose and to monitor your dog in case it swallows or chokes on the tooth. That's what we did the last few times we had puppies.

If it swallows the tooth, just monitor them for signs of further illness. It shouldn't be a problem at all, but the slight possibility of intesinal dammage does make it worth checking. Signs of this would be odd behavior such as aggression or nervousness, tiredness / lack of energy, reduced appetite, blood in droppings, or vomiting.

If it chokes on the tooth (or anything else), call a vet immediatly. It's very unlikely that's going to happen though as these teeth are smaller than their esophogus. However if the puppy begins wheezing, it may have gotten stuck somewhere and it does warrant a trip to the vet if the puppy doesn't cough it back up quickly. Again, this is VERY VERY unlikely. I just mention this so you can be prepared for the worst.