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Out of curiosity, can rubber coatings make cardboard more durable and waterproof? Answered

I am talking about corrugated cardboard boxes as well as pieces of corrugated cardboard. 


You're really beating this horse to death with the questions about coating cardboard. Plasti-dip sprayed onto the surface of cardboard will make it waterproof. However since corrugated cardboard is open on the ends it will not do anything to prevent water getting in that way. You can find waxed cardboard from grocery store produce that is in fact waterproof.


1 year ago

Here is something to try, and I have actually been thinking about doing it. Take some of those plastic store grocery bags and heat bond them to the cardboard using an iron. There are instructables already done about heat bonding the bags to one another to build up and make a plastic sheet. Should be possible to do it to cardboard to make a laminated board that would be strong and durable enough to use for light construction projects.

As you asked this question in a different form earlier can I point out that depending on how you assemble your cardboard it can be very strong indeed.

A number of years ago I made a set of cardboard furniture, chairs, table etc they were strong enough to use on a daily basis although not frightfully durable even when painted. Cardboard tends to dent easily.

However the point was made. As part of the project I discovered that there is a market for cardboard furniture as it is/was often used in prisons - light, cheap, utility.

I have a pot of gutter paint that is used to fix rain gutter leaks, It is thick, water proof and hard when dry. Have a look round the DIY stores.

By the By any outdoor paint will waterproof what it is painted on - apart from the colour that's whey you paint things.

i give it an 80% probability.

But roof tar and fiberglass mesh is cheaper.


1 year ago

There is a vid on the science channel where the spray the inside of a 2'w x2'L x2"h cardboard box, then add 8" of water, spray the top of the water sealing it in and finally stand on top of the sealed water in the cardboard box... What say you ?

Waterproof - should do

Durable - depends my rubber roof is expected to last 50 years 5 mm thick

Stiff probably no.

ive got some rubberized roof tar. That plus fiberglass mesh oughta do.

I dunno about water proof, but I've done projects with cardboard & hotglue then applied rubber which made it durable. I used Plasti Dip rubber spray; you'd want to buy the can you apply onto the project; they have it in a gallon.