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Out of curiosity, who watches the tv show: Numb3ers.... Answered

and are there any others (beside myself) that like the show (I don't normally get to see many episodes, although I have lately)?


Do you enjoy it, or just watch it because it bridges the gap between to other shows? :-)

Yes i do (its not just a gap) and its a weekly thing here :) can't wait for friday

They've had two days of successive back to back morning-afternoon runs of the show, so I have been able to get more of a feel for it (I haven't had much chance to see it at all before I hurt my back).

I have no clue really.  I took the Friday before Labor Day weekend off of work, and when I woke that Friday morning, I could hardly move.   Ever since then, I have been fighting to get something done about it.  
I finally got an MRI, and it shows the discs located at 2-3,  and 4-5 are bulging and pressing against my spinal column.   That is where my awful pain is coming from.   I do have pain pills to help take most of the edge off of it, but I do need to either start therapy soon, or just have the operation....this is no way to live, and I could end up without a job if things go on too long.

well you always will have a job at instrucables

Well, that would be nice, but they are on the other end of the country for one thing (they might as well be on the other end of the world, for as much as I can travel), and the other, well, I am not so sure they'd want an old fuddy-duddy around  ;-) 


 I like the show, but hardly ever actually sit down and watch it.  I only actually recognize 4 of the 7 characters in the picture.

I've just stated watching it again recently. It's one of my favorite shows.

I didn't start watching until a bit into season 2, then never lost interest when season 4 started. I didn't think it was a bad show, I just usually have other things I'd rather do on Friday evenings than watch TV.
Y'know, like browse Ibles.

Yeah, but while I am off work, the comfy chair is out in the living room in front of the TV :-)

I prefer NCIS for my cop show... I have seen a few episodes, it was pretty good. What happened on the WH 13 season finale? I missed it, NCIS Los Angeles premiered.


Artie is killed (as it appears) in an explosion

Yeah. Maybe he had that pheonix thing, and MacPherson dies?

I love the show, not super-fave but tops my list of cop/detective dramas. THe fact that one episode guest starred Bill Nye helps. Biggest gripe with the show? The nerdy bro's GF, she drives me nuts!!!! It's possibly her voice, but if I created the show, she'd be an intelligent blonde.

Yeah, both of them act a little out of character from my point of view....

Ehh, I dunno what it is. She just irritates me. She needs to cheat on him in the next season and he gets with someone else...

To me, it seems like that couple acts more like middle school kids then their age.

Possibly a miss conception of geek love?

He needs a non geek, intelligent person to go for him. Possibly someone who comes to work with his bro and the FBI?

Well, I think they'd work together if they actually admitted to one another the mutual feelings and got together (I hope I am talking about the same set or persons you are ;-)

I'm talking Charlie-long-hair-math-whiz and scratchy-horrible-voice-love-handle-lady-Charlie-kisses There was the one lady on the team, I'm not sure what ethnicity (watched it in black and white) that brother-who-isnt-Charlie, who was an absolute SCORCHER


8 years ago

i watch numbers. some of the episodes sucks, but there are some that i like which include the flu epidemic one and the bank robbery ones. I also like csi and las vegas.

I like numbers! I also like mythbusters, House, futurama, Heroes, and some others that aren't coming to mind.

Ouch! So I am a loner on this one? ;-)

I think you're what they call a unique demographic.

Draw a Venn diagram of "Instructablers" and "Watchers of Numb3rs", it will be a very small cross-over, with only one, lonely resident.

I have only been able to see it the last week or so being off because of my back. So it was a bit difficult to catch up with some of the going's on, but most episodes are fairly autonomous ;-)
Of course this also gave me the chance to see the season's finale of Warehouse 13; and that episode did not please me at all.

I've only ever seen trailers for Warehouse 13. Looks good, though...

If it is accessible to you, I HULU.com has most of the episodes of Warehouse 13.