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Outdoor wood maintenance with preservative/sealant/water repellant? Answered

I had a wooden retaining wall built last summer around a flag stone stair case in my garden. The wood on the retaining wall is treated wood and meant for ground contact. I see that after one winter the paint on the retaining wall is already coming off. Could I get suggestions on how to maintain the wood? Wood preservative/water repellant/wood sealant?


if its treated lumber you shouldn't have to do anything to it is that what you mean of how to get the paint to stay on?

It is treated lumber. Does it mean I apply no preservative/sealant against harsh weather? Over how many years?

if its treated you shouldn't ever have to do anything to it, thats what we put on the bottom of houses aka green board, so if it had a green tint to it when you got it, it doesn't need anything

mix water with pva glue and give it 2 to 4 coats