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Outrigger specs seem a little etchasketch?? Answered

Three piece plywood outrigger canoe, current rig has a 16 foot hull consisting of the two outer pieces, and is 22 inches wide. It’s hooked up with a tacking rig, a 14 foot mast, and an 11’-10” boom. Originally, it would total 24 feet with the third middle section, but I’m not building that. With a hull 16' long coupled with a fat 22" width, and a simple tacking rig, am I guna get much speed on this thing? What’s more is that the closest body of water is "Steal house lake" and other various lakes in and around the Killeen, Ft. Hood, Austin (Texas) area, everything’s bigger in Texas, but they're still just lakes, coupled with a 24' monster designed to cut and glide over ocean class behemoths (also why I kicked the 8' mid section that i really, really don’t need in these tiny waters). So what do you think, the plans I’ve got are solid, clear, and decisive, the boat and rig are all drawn up, and I’m about to start the first piece of the hull tomorrow (soon as I get the wood). Should I stick with this 16' by 22" hull, should I add the 8' even though I’m just on a lake (a big one ill grant, but a lake all the same), should I jump for a strip-planked composite, or go somewhere else entirely, what should I do, what should i do??
p.s. Rig also computable with an oceanic lateen, or “Crab-claw” rig, lest that’s what i think it’s called.


hull length is directly related to top speed so the longer the hull the theoretically faster the boat.

HOWEVER many other issues get in the way. As you say transporting for example.

12 to 14 foot is generally a good length for a canoe the Polynesian crab claw rig has been shown to be one of the most efficient sailing rigs around.

Try Tyvek for the sail then you can afford to experiment.

ritchoues sail idea, the crab claw's a great rig but its more complicated than the standing tacking rig i want to use.ever put together a strip-plank hull? if so, is it harder than a straight plywood hull? ill be looking at adding that 8' at a later time if what you say is true. any other thoughts?

I have built plywood with and tape hulls for sailing dinghy Not plank boats although have repaired a few.

also, id be making this project into my first ever, instructabel