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Outside mosaic questions: What is the strongest/best adhesive for outside mosaics ? Answered

Hi , I want to do some outside mosaics on different materials : cement, wood and bowling balls. Much of what I would like to use in my mosaics is glass. Is there antway to permanently affix glass"pebbles" to a bowling ball ? What is the best grout to use? Many thanks to anyone who can help.



ermm outdoor tile adhesive for sticking to the subject then outdoor grout for inbeetween the gaps in the tiles i did that in school a few yearsago and still havit outside 5 years later11cw1

Exerior grout's usually the right thing for the job, any outdoor epoxy would probably work best on something like a bowling ball and glass...

Really the bowling ball changes it slightly, sand it well for the best adhesion possible...

Epoxy.  Exterior sanded grout.