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Over head Projector Answered

Hello, All I need a bit of help, I have an Over Head Projector [O.H.P] that I really want to make into a projector for my home P/C I have a couple of L.C.D from laptops. Even 2 [O.H.P] L.C.D from View Sonic, But no cables !!!. for the View Sonic units. Any Ides. Phil. Austin,Tx Stay - Safe


May just be easier to sell the LCD's on eBay and buy a high quality computer projection panel. I just sold my overhead and panel (but the buyer only wanted the panel, so I can resell the overhead for more cash. He also let me keep all the money.... possible cause he probably figured I would have just given the next person a second chance offer... which I wouldn't have). But anyhow, if you just wait long enough, you can get a good deal on one (I won both the overhead and panel in one auction last year for $80, including S/H). Here's a site that I really shouldn't give out cause of how great it is: http://at.auctionstealer.com/home.cfm
I've been using it for over 2 years and have won countless listings (limited to 3 free ones a week)...


11 years ago

check out lumanlab.com. I've personally built the one that is in their free plans(before they were free). it works great. you can see pics of it in action in my arcade gallery here: http://www.fanatexe.com

it is a bit more work than just plopping an lcd on an overhead, but well worth it.

Apparently, your O.H.P. link is to an unpublished Instructable and cannot be viewed. LCD panels from laptops aren't going to suffice without significant hardware to handle the incoming video information. The Viewsonic units should have VGA and/or DVI interfaces that would work. Recently, there was a project posted on Makezine.com's blog that did just what you're proposing with this message. It looked like a really cool project!