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Ozonator Insturctable please? Answered

Can someone make a instructable about how to make an "Ozonator" for water purification similar to that which was on a Discovery TV show called "The Colony"?  Essentially they created a water purification station using an Ozone generator they created to purify all of the water they were drinking from the LA storm gutters.  Thanks



8 months ago

Chicken wire in a 6" electric PVC tube 12" long with about 20 cut wire tips pointing inward and forcing a PC fan through the tube..


Why doesn't someone ask the inventor of the device on the show, Dr. John Cohn...here is his FB! https://www.facebook.com/john.cohn.184

I love that show and have been looking for info on how to do that very thing all morning.

Ozone is rather poisonous, but has a characteristic smell.
If you want aggressive sterilants a camping shop should be able to help you, ozone generators aren't necessarily the best method.


Yes high amount of ozone is poisonous but used in the application as they did on the show would not be much different than any of the Tesla coils that are all over Instructables.  By using the pump to push the ozone directly into a bucket of water, it is being released into the air in the same amount that it was created.  Note there is no storage tank or mention of one for use.  If someone were to fill a air tank for storage I would be more concerned than what was used in the show.

I was thinking in the zone of "reality" rather than TV.


I Loved that show! They explained how they did make it on the episode which is simple in how it worked.  Basicly useing the spark gap from a Tesla Coil inside a clear tube to create the ozone and then pumping the air directly into a bucket of water useing a air pressure pump from some medical equipment (oxygen pump if I remember right)  Here's the link to check out the show, or at least parts of the season.

Here is the short basic explanation but not showing the full build.  3rd vid down
Ozonator Genius

This show has a lot of projects that they did that were never shown and the ones that were you can see examples of.  This is how I found Instructables, looking for other DIYers that make these type of projects.