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Ozone generator Answered

I noticed there is no usuable Intructable that I could find for a homemade Ozone generator.
Ozone can be used for many things - if used correctly.
Commercial Air - Water Pruifiers use it, you can get rid of harmful pesticide and chemical residue while cleaning your salad or "clean" the air after a big party with a lot of smokers.
Since the basic design and work priciple is more than easy I was wondering if there is a need for an Instructable?
But with Ozone not only being of concern for the enviroment in terms of smog but also being a health risk in higher concentrations I am not so sure if it is a good idea.
After all we don't want to cause any harm with our projects...



2 years ago

A simple neon sign xfmr tied to chicken wire in a 5" diameter ABS conduit electric pipe with a whisper fan pushing diatomic oxygen through the tube to exit with a partial pressure of triatomic oxygen.

Ozone below 20,000 feet has a half life of less then 30 minutes, which makes me wonder why it is universally the blame of automobile exhaust when Nitrous_oxides are the actual grievous befouling gas.

Besides finishing the burning process of smoke particles, ozone does wonders in fish restaurants, cabs, night clubs and very probably the reason why all vestiges of dinosaur flatulence are goon from our atmosphere. Cat pee however is immune to its purification !

Ozone sensitive people react badly to the slightest whiff of O3... It is similar to carbon_monoxide in that it takes hold of a hemoglobin molecule and will not let it go thereby preventing O2 exchange for CO2 in a mammal. OSHA does not regulate ozone until you get over 500 Lbs of the gas...

Click the pic to see the full image.


Based on the logic of many of those here people should never be aloud to know how to produce fire. Sure, it can be useful, but also very dangerous and damaging.

Knowledge never causes harm. People cause harm when they misuse knowledge. It is wrong for some here to presume to make decisions for others.

Would you watch a blind man step out into traffic and say nothing?

It's the same thing here - those of us who are aware of the risks involved in an activity have a moral obligation to warn people who are ignorant of those risks.

We are not making decisions for people, we are providing the information they need in order to make an informed decision. If they take heed of the warnings, and change their plans to be safer, that's good. However, if, having been warned, they take no steps to be safer and get hurt, then our attitude is we told you so. We don't waste our sympathies on a Darwin Award candidate.

You've been a member of this site long enough to have worked out that most of us giving the advice do so from a firm knowledge base - we have
taken those risks ourselves, or we are professionals in the area, so our warnings are valid.

I completely agree with all you have just said. My problem is that your statement is not accurate. There are many people (myself included) that would like to make an Ozone Generator. There are people here that know how to do it, but they won't share that information because they say it's harmful or dangerous.

People refusing to share their knowledge is another issue, and something we can't control.

But, there is information all over the internet...


... members can always bring it to the forums to be discussed and assessed.

(Although, I wouldn't build one myself, as I am asthmatic and value fully-functioning lungs...)

I understand your situation. Mine is that I have cats. My mother also has cats, and until recently had one that was in poor health and couldn't control his bowels. Ozone (used sparringly) will reduce odor and shouldn't harm any lungs either human or feline.

I did look over the internet and found many different methods to produce ozone, but I really wanted to see how someone from here would do it cause I feel that our people in general are the best and brightest.

Sinse you are not a freshly registered new memeber feel free to throw a PM at me.
You never know what you get back ;)


3 years ago

I can produce it using high voltage arcs. Tesla coils and large Van de Graaff generators produce smell-able quantities of it. A slayer/SEC exciter circuit will also produce small quantities.

I now have glass-tube-generator capable of filling a room with enough Ozone in 10 minutes that you evacuate LOL
But I decided not to post an Instructable on the topic as IMHO the risks of Ozone outway the uses if someone if not careful.

Buying a little air cleaner or ozone generator seems to be the better option and leaves me out of harms way in terms of problems caused by my design.


4 years ago

Being a chemist by trade, I tend to like having more chemical instructables around.

Ozone is pretty useful. I like it better then bleach, but i prefer hydrogen peroxide overall.
My votes for ya to put up an instructable. I don't have a huge burning need for one right this moment, but that's not entirely what this website is about.

I too like the good uses of ozone especially in terms of cleaning dirty socks and removing bad odours from the air.

But most modern countries now have strict levels for ozone in terms of being a pollutant and harmful in higher concentrations.

I have nothing to actually measure the ozone output of the generator types I tested but I know some have been so powerful that I had to shut them off after less than a minute as the stick of a thunderstorm was itching my nose.
The least effective was a carbon brush, which I'm sure could run 24/7 without anyone noticing ozone in the air - I had to put it in a jar and open the lid after 20 minutes to smell a tiny bit of ozone.
My most powerful unit so far was made from aluminium flyscreen in a glass tube (corona discharge) and with a fan attached it only took about a minute until I had to evacuate the room and open the windows.
My concerns are that a lack of care or knowledge will cause some users to produce far too much ozone than what would be considered a save level.
I really don't want to publish something and later on read a user has his lungs ruined after he fell asleep with the generator on or something similar.
If a generator is any good it can also be very harmful.
Not sure about the legal side but I would have to think about some sort of disclaimer so I can be sure people use it the right way only and accept the risks and responsibilities.

I worked at a pool and we had a hybrid chlorine /ozone system. I'm not 100% sure how it worked (or if it did, because we scrapped the ozone part after a few years). I do know we had massive tanks to store the ozone and we had some sort of corona discharge system. I'm assuming it used high voltage to make the ozone in house. You might be able to find the information you need from a pool cleaning website though from my knowledge an ozone system is rare in pools.

Ozone at high altitudes is beneficial, protecting the planet from solar UV.

However, ozone at low altitudes is harmful to living things, particularly the human respiratory system. When office workers share space with a photocopier or laser printer, there are regulations about ventilation to prevent exposure to the ozone they generate.

"When inhaled, ozone can damage the lungs. Relatively low amounts of ozone can cause chest pain, coughing, shortness of breath and, throat irritation. It may also worsen chronic respiratory diseases such as asthma as well as compromise the ability of the body to fight respiratory infections."