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Hi, We are trying to figure out what kind of material and process to make somewhat realistic palm fronds for our Christmas pageant. We have an 11-foot trunk using a carpet core, which I curved by putting pressure on it overnight. 

What should we use for the fronds?  Any ideas to make some that are somewhat believable. I want to get beyond a cardboard cutout.

Any ideas from you would be appreciated. Thanks



These are complex leaves, if it were me I'd harvest some bracken, but I don't think you'd be able to do that (and I think it's died off for the winter anyway). Green-paper, such as Kiteman suggests and a lot of scissor-work may be your best bet?


Actually, card would have been my first choice for a Christmas pageant, unless you are planning to store and re-use them next year.

If you want to add realism, cut out the whole leaf shape from something heavy like "sugar paper" (I don't know what it's called in the US, but it's that heavy paper that primary schools use for posters), them reinforce the stem part of the leaf with corrugated card, glued on with ordinary PVA glue.