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PC Handwriting issue Answered

How to make handwritten text appear in Ms Word and Open office?, Does an infrared pen will work ?


Hi blkhawk,
Thank you.I think this will work. But what is the price ? And does this thing available in India ?

There are tons of handwriting style fonts out there (if that's what you mean), you just have to install the new fonts to your Fonts folder and they'll come up in Word when you click the text tool.

If you want your handwriting for just one thing (like a signature), just sign a piece of page, scan the text in and save it as a graphic (.jpg). Then in Word or Office you can insert an image and you'll have your handwritten text.

If neither is what you meant, then can you clarify please?

Hi canucksgirl,
Thanks for the reply. My work is to translate an English cartoon's script to my native language. My employer will accept both word document and handwritten sheets. In the case of hand written sheets, i need to scan and then e-mail to the employer. But in the case of word document, i need to type all the 30 sheets . And this could be slow down my work speed. So i need a handwriting tablet or a digital pen or something like that. All i need to write on a board or something, and the same time the text will appear in MS word's window . Could you please suggest me any equipment ?.

A digital pen would be more cost effective than a tablet. Some of them use OCR software to convert handwriting to text, but you'd have to find one compatible for your language. You DON'T however have to use OCR software. You can simply use a digital pen like you were drawing (with no conversion), so the writing you make appears exactly the same.

Here's a review of the best pens for 2012 and their average price. You'll have to check the one you want through available sites in your shipping area, but you should be able to find something less expensive than a tablet.


Hi canucksgirl ,
Thank you for the reply. Let me check the link.