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PC Jukebox OS? Answered

Hi guys, I recently salvaged a decent PC runing on a Pentium 4. I got a LCD monitor with it too, and was in hope of making a DEDICATED jukebox. I was wondering if ther is some OS for  a pc thats sole purpose is to store music and replay it, with some customizations available of course. If not, I see that there are plenty of jukebox software out there to install on linux or XP, but I was wondering if there was any program that executes itslef when windows start. Please and than you for any help!


I tried a couple of linux distros on mine but went back to XP which was easier for others to use and meant that it could be used as a regular computer in a pinch. Back then I used iTunes and found some 3rd party graphic equalizer mods that looked real nice.
I haven't used it in over a year, since I moved, and now most of my music is cloud based so I'm going to have to rethink it when I get around to it again.
In windows simply place a short cut in the Start Up folder and it will run on boot up. Alternatively you could hibernate instead of shutting down and then it would resume your session where you left off.

sounds cool. Can you recommend to me any of the itunes equilizer mods?

HERE's a list of a few free visualizers. Like I said I haven't booted my jukebox in over a year so I don't know what one I had but when I do I'll try to let you know.
A Google search will turn up a lot more if none of those tickle your fancy.

Any version of Windows (95 and up) can be used as a music server as long as you have the basic OS, a player, and the required CODECs. You could even use the Add/Remove Programs feature to slim the program storage by removing unwanted things such as MSOffice and other such memory hogs. Just make sure to leave something such as NotePad or WordPad for those times you need to make lists, etc.

As for what I would personally do, I would put the shortcut to my player in the "Startup" folder under "Start->All Programs->'Startup' ". That way, it will load and start playing (if that option is available) when the computer starts up. The player I have turned to since, probably, 2001 is TrayPlay. It is an extremely lightweight (28k, yes, k) player that will play whatever audio CODEC is installed on your machine. It has several simple options: play on start, random play, non-stop play, auto hide, volume and associate. There is also a main section that is like the old style file explorer that lets you select the song to play. I have never had any problems with it and it has been in use on many computers since I downloaded it. If you want it (it is freeware), I'd be happy to send you a copy as I haven't been able to find it on the web in several years. Send a PM if you are interested.


thank you, gladly appreciate the help. I'll try the stratup thin gwith another program, cause i want something graphically appealing too

I would recommend Dyne:bolic, a linux CD distro geared towards audio and video production.