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PC Rife software home-made plasma globe: Anyone do this ? Answered

I have been self-treating various illnesses for a while now using some bio-electrical methods.
One of which is the resonance method developed by Dr. Royal Rife in years past - but modernized using the PC as a freq. gen. and an audio amp to process the output.

Some info on the various methods and specifications:


( Related, and also fascinating:
  http://www.royalrife.com/electronics.html )

The PC/Rife/amp combo works well, but the better way is supposed to be via a plasma-tube, which is very expen$ive.

Another way to do this is by using a plasma globe with an audio input used to modulate the discharges via the frequencies; this is also too expen$ive for me right now.

Some users here have come up with ways to make your own plasma globe with a HV supply and a big incandescent light bulb. Great.

Now - how does one modulate the discharges in the bulb by overlaying or adding the Rife frequencies ?

This question seems hard for most to understand and I was even told to make a 'plasma speaker' when I asked one of the experts-> great idea-> as long as one is a crazed audiophile with $$$ to burn and a high resistance to exposure to pure/fresh ozone. (No thanks for me.)

Is there any really smart person here (who understands my question...) with good suggestions for how to do this without 1) spending a bundle 2)massive ozone generation in the room 3)massive injuries and/or fatal results ?

Also I have seen where people do the light bulb/plasma globe thing related with experimenting on ballasts from compact flourescents - but again there is a lack of info on how to do this as well as any means to overlay or control it with a desired audio frequency.

Thanks !



3 years ago

Hi....go to youtube and search for "plasma ball electric field". You will see a fellow with a Spooky2 frequency generator connected to a plasma ball. An inexpensive power supply is needed to power the ball, as well.