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PC will start up but wont let me open any programs Answered

Everytime I start up my Computer It wont let me open any more programs like Firefox,Worldofwarcraft,or Diablo 3 or any other thing like folders or internet explorer,google chrome. 



5 years ago

It is probably a mallware or spyware problem. You have an infection.

To make sure try starting it in safe mode. In safe mode programs don't automatically start so the spyware will not interfere. While in safe mode try and start a program that has not been starting (Not a game though).

To clean it up, start in safe mode with networking which will allow you to use the internet. Download the Malewarebytes program, which is free, and install and run it.

Vyger is probably right but do you have any friends or siblings that have access to the computer? It's possible this is a prank where they took a screenshot of your desktop, set it as your wallpaper and then remove all your icons and hide the task bar. Try hitting Ctrl+Alt+Del and seeing if anything comes up.


5 years ago

  • When was the last time you defragmented your disc ?
  • How much room is left on your C: drive?
  • How old is your PC ?