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PCB Boards Answered

Does anyone know where to get cheap pcb boards? Blank ones I mean, not a place to get them done for you. I don't want a MASSIVE order but if there are some manufacturing companies with free samples too, that'd be nice :)



9 years ago

these guys should do what you need and they are UK based (get most my stuff from them and they're pretty good):

Yeah I quite like rapid, but I have a tendency to browse their site for one component and end up with a £50 bill... which I may aswell have as they'll charge you a fiver to ship a resistor. Thanks.

know what you mean, I'm the same. It always starts with a: "well all i need is this one cap...." on the plus side if you spend over 35 quid you get free shipping.

Ha yeah. I would order some now but I guarantee I'll think of something I need tomorrow and will have to pay another fiver for delivery, so I'll leave it a bit.

and thats all ? a bit of internal alt ctrl del and youll be allright

seconded or electronic goldmine is ok

I was looking for recommendations from people that have bought from companies.

Looks like he only ships to the US, I've sent him a message asking if he shipd to the UK though. Thanks