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PCB Drilling? Answered

i have heard that tugsten carbide pcb drill bits are too fragile and will break if used with a hand drill. I dont want to buy a drill press due to the cost (unless i can find a small and cheap one)... so will a 1/16 drill bit be ok for pcb holes for standard through hole components? because that is the smallest drill bit size i have that successfully works with my hand drill... any personal experience, knowledge or advice to help me? and thanks


try use a dremel with an ajustable chuck because it is very light and you can make precise controlled movement so you wont be heavy handed!!! cm


9 years ago

You may do better using a 'pin chuck' for your smallest drill bits for this type of work. Use it in your fingers to mark the PCB surface before drilling through. I still use an old hand operated drill and mount the pin chuck in this it tends to allow gentle and more accurate control. If you are unfamiliar with the term pin chuck... it's basically a miniature drill chuck specially for fine diameter drills, you then mount it into a standard drill chuck. Hope this helps. Regards