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PCB Soldering Help Needed. Problem connecting pads. Answered

I have a pre-etched and drilled one-sided PCB where each hole has an isolated copper pad on the under side.
My question is what is the best and/or easiest way to connect the pads to complete my circuit? The largest jump is every other (i.e. there is a lead in A1 that needs connected to a lead in C1, B1 is empty). There are also some side by side connections (A1-B1).
I've messed around a little but can't figure out a good way to do it. There is going to be a lot of connections so the simpler the better.


I started wire-wrapping and it is going much smoother now, thanks.

You should always use a piece of wire between the pads, but if you use enamelled copper wire, with a self fluxing insulation, you can spot from pad- to -pad very easily.

Solder bridges are only reliable when you don't want them to be.....


... And Murphy's law only fails when you try to demonstrate it. Good point, Steve.

I've never been sure what the best/intended way to use those is. So I too will be interested in a more authoritative answer.

I've tended to just treat them as perfboard and run wires (soldered or wire-wrap). Theoretically you _could_ just create a solder bridge between adjacent pads, but I'm not convinced that's what the designers intended.