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PCI Device Tutorial Answered

I can't seem to find any tutorials for creating a PCI card.
I was thinking of something like a simpler version of this.
Anyone here made an PCI devices? Or any links?


Use your parallel port?

That's defying the point of using an internal PCI port really.

Well really, parallel provides the same TTL functions as that card. So really I wouldn't bother wasting the extra pci slot and my money if I already had the port to do what I needed. And from what I can see the parallel port can be used for LOTS of things.

Oh yeah, forgot to say.
Due to a recent capacitor explosion.. my parallel port is no more.
Had to buy a new board, only has a serial.
Guess that will have to do.
That is.. if vista would even pick up on the fact that I have a serial port.
Strangely it says I have an LPT1 printer port.. that's parallel right? Which I don't have.

Strange, I didn't think it would be that hard, in principle I thought it would be like parallel with a different connector.

Perhaps it would be worth a look to see if you motherboard has pin headers for a parallel port, I just pulled apart an old tower the other day and everything was plugged into the motherboard with ribbon cables, even the onboard vga port.

Aye, was just reading up on the ol' manual and I do have have the headers for a parallel port inside. Don't really want to be running my computer with a new motherboard with the case off and me jamming wires all over the place quite yet though. Just gotta wait for some capacitor samples and I should be able to fix my old board and build a test pc for this sort of stuff. Still, not sure why its not picking up on my serial port, I'll have to fiddle with my BIOS again.

You don't have to "start jamming wires in there". Just find an older computer tower with the parallel port attached via a ribbon cable. The end will be fitted with the right length of pin holes to accept the header on your motherboard. I can't see it being some kind of propriety cable.

That was easy, for some reason it was disabled in BIOS. Now I've gotta test my max3232.

you can't create your own PCI card.... it's almost impossible

As far as I'm aware its like any other way of connecting a device to your computer but it requires you make your own driver.

that too just buy a crap PCI card, and you're good to go

Perhaps there'd be more interest in taking an existing pci card (could be anything from a I/O card to a video card) and then tinker with it from there. Also, if my memory remorses me, some video cards (most likely only DVI) have a form of serial connection built into the connector (not just the monitor ID lines) that you can also use for controlling certain projects.

And no one really likes writing drivers for windows unless they're paid handsomely. Even still the dev teams still usually require a keg of beer at least once a week.

. If you don't have to use PCI, this is a cheaper alternative.
. Your going to have a hard time building you own PCI I/O card for less that the 53 USD Futurelec is asking.
. Or Just Search For It

I'll plow through the lists at some point but I'm not very compelled to other search engines than trusty google-woogle.