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PDF Download Bug Workaround Answered

A number of people have reported not being able to download PDFs. This topic is to show people a workaround I found so that other Instructables users can still use PDFs while HQ find a fix.

PDF download still works for pro members, but the link normally at the top of each Instructable is missing.

To access the PDF download page where options for the PDF are chosen, pro members can append "?download=pdf" to the end of the URL.

So if you wanted to download the PDF for this fantastic chutney recipe:

You'd edit the URL in the URL bar at the top of your browser to the following:


While this isn't a solution, it's a quick workaround you can use while HQ fix the missing button. I published this forum topic to help point people in the right direction while it's fixed.

Hope this helps,


it didn't work for me :(
i had the right URL, with the "?download=pdf" at the end, but the download page appeared only for a while and then the browser went back to the previous page...

I went to the browser (chrome) settings and erased all the cookies and everything I found related to instructables, and voilà, I had to login the first time but everything was working again...


5 years ago

ok its a smart tricky solution but please fix the bug!!!!


I don't work there, so can't help you with a permanent fix, just this temporary one.


That is easy enough for me, Thanks very much!

Big Jake

Thanks. I was using Google Chrome to print the page with all the steps on it as a .pdf and then saving it as a work around. I will try this one as well and see which one works better.

Thanks for the temporary fix, I was wondering if it was my browser or what.